Wow, I have often thought this, but Liz Feldman articulated it beautifully. Oh, and thanks to my friend Joe who posted it on his Facebook page.

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When Kurt Met Blaine

When Kurt Met Blaine

Screen grab from fan-made When Kurt Met Blaine

I don’t exactly remember what site I happened to stumble upon which led me to this video, nevertheless, here is a great fake trailer for When Kurt Met Blaine–the duo of teenage lovebirds from McKinley High, Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson.

Glee really got me with this story line, but I think I would have preferred this tale in a ninety minute movie. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to stick with this trailer that a fan spliced together. They did a fine job .

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This is a great little ditty!

Thanks Joemygod:

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Potter’s Cloak Has Got Nothing On This…

A new cloak that hides objects from sound could really confuse a bat trying to echolocate in a cave. Sound waves striking a bump covered by the cloak bounce back as if they hit a flat wall instead.

From sciencenews

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Great time, good friends.

I’m back… Had great time in Maine. Here is a little video of the trip! Enjoy.

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Writing Retreat

I am taking a trip to Bear Pond in Maine from the seventeenth until the twenty-ninth of June. I am using this holiday as a writing retreat—no phone, no internet, just water and electric and my laptop and resource materials. Hopefully my muse tags along! I will be working to finish my next novel, and investing all of this time to it. If you email me, I won’t receive it until I return.

See you soon!

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Flash Choir in Ohio

From Towleroad

A group called The Harmony Project put together a “flash choir” yesterday on the Columbus Commons, Queer 411 reports. The point? To celebrate diversity.

One can only hope the Senators up in Albany, NY heard this.

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