God Said…

This song is really powerful. Thanks for posting it Skeptic Monkey!

This is a quote from YouTube:

“Wow. David Anthony delivers a devastating blow to religious extremists, and the religious extremists in this comments section don’t understand they’re being mocked by this song even after seeing all the images in the video. Color me flabbergasted.

Awesome song and video, by the way.”

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Humans – Copastatic

Wow–this song is awesome!

Humans (The Nonbelievers Anthem) by Copastatic

Here is a bit of the lyrics:


Are we human or are we dancers?
My sign is vital
My hands are cold
And I’m on my knees looking for the answer
Are we human?
or are we dancers?

(Verse 2)
They say that everything in this world has ya imprint,
And not to question anything cuz you omnipotent,
the quintessential being but I call out your treason,
but the religious say everything happens for a reason,
So praise God for spreading Aids and not condoms,
Praise God for no cures just famine,
Don’t save the people, but guide the motherfuckin’ gunman,
Hang all the blacks, and protect all the Klansmen

Thanks Friendly Atheist

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Xbox, The Carpenters, and Sweet Jeebus’ Footsteps.

I was playing Xbox last night when my friend Kel signed on. He’s a year older than me. It gives me a thrill to say that because I’d stood as the oldest for so long in this group of great people I’d met on the box. Kel’s a bit new to our group, but fits in well—and no, he’s not a noob. He’s been gaming longer than me.

Anyway, we got to talking about our parents. I had asked him if his mom was as old as mine. Their ages are off by four years, my mom being older–74. I told him that she liked Liberace when I was a kid, and that she didn’t know he was gay until I was older. She always gets this embarrassed, sharp, painful look in her face whenever anyone mentions anything vaguely dealing with sex. I can so hear her voice and see her face when she found out Liberace was a ‘Mo. “I didn’t know he was that way,” she had said. Queue face!

That way?

That way?

You mean rich, successful, dripping with diamonds? Presumably happy? No… I knew which way. The same way I was.

Kel divulged that his mom liked the Carpenters and Air Supply. Didn’t everyone like them? So, this first video goes out to Momma Kel.

My mom also liked another singer when she was younger. She loved Cristy Lane, and Mom would often listen to her while ironing in front of a picture of Footprints in the Sand. I added both for your viewing pleasure.

To say that my mom is unhappy that I am an atheist is an understatement. She once told me, “it breaks my heart that I won’t see you in heaven.” It breaks my heart that she has wasted so many years thinking that she is, in fact,  going to “cloud city,” perhaps to be carried by Jeebus himself.  After all, she’ll need to be lugged around from place to place after going insane from being completely and utterly bored. I honestly do feel really sad, and yes, heartbroken that her religion has stopped her from doing so many things in life, taking chances, living fully, and being truly happy.

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In the beginning…

From The Friendly Atheist:

This is so funny!

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‘Teh Gay’ is not a sin! Ya’ll come to church now!

Dear Gays:

You are not sinners. We now welcome you!

The Church


From Towleroad:

An Omaha, Nebraska pastor has organized more than 100 area pastors of all different faiths to sign a proclamation welcoming gay people to Christianity and distancing themselves from anti-gay Christians

But what I don’t understand is how any church can just make a proclamation. I thought the bible was the word of god… And besides, this just sounds like their treasury and attendance is getting lower and lower. Send in ‘teh gays’!

From KETV in Omaha

“We believe homosexuality is not a sin. It’s not a birth defect or a choice. God created people this way. And if God created them this way, they need to be honored for who they are, and fully included in church life and wider society,” said Elnes, whose words are reflected in the document.

Oh, okay… Glad we got that cleared up. And thanks for the offer to come to your church, but I’ve got to clean up the hairball my cat threw up.

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Ooh, I’m a new member!

Skeptical Child has been added to The Atheist Blogroll. You can see the blogroll in my sidebar. The Atheist blogroll is a community building service provided free of charge to Atheist bloggers from around the world.

 If you would like to join, visit Mojoey at Deep Thoughts for more information.

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Stephanie Meyer was right. Vampires really do sparkle!

Scientists have discovered sparkly vampires! No, not the vampires that smell like caramel, have bronze, tousled locks, only eat deer and bears, and sparkle! No, not them… Vampire stars. Yes, I know Edward Cullen is a star, and for that matter so is Robert Pattinson, the mortal who portrays him. I mean the other kind of twilight stars—you know—suns!

From National Geographic:

The stellar version of vampires—stars that drain life away from other stars—have been discovered for the first time in the heart of our Milky Way galaxy. 

Cool! However, I wonder how long before an online petition is started to name one of the vampire stars Jacob?

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